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Block Party


Over 700 people attended our Defend the Dot block party event. Rain or shine, the party still carried on with supporters gathering around to enjoy various snacks and political discussion. With only 79 days left until the election, we decided to host a giant rally to get all of the supporters in Congressional District 2 fired up.

Various stations were set up so that supporters could sign up to volunteer in their legislative district and become neighborhood team leaders. The crowd was buzzing with excitement with the possibility of being able to win the 2nd Congressional district's electoral vote. As the party came to a close, one thing was certain: Obama was fired up and ready to go! Now that the party is over, it's your chance to help out and volunteer in your own neighborhood!

Stop in at our office at 76th and Cass to get yourself set up with a volunteer opportunity! Check out our album from the block party down below!
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