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Bike for Obama!

Ellery A. decided to stop in the OFA Nebraska office for a brief visit this morning. Ellery is an outstanding volunteer who biked all over the country helping in OFA offices throughout the country. He decided to extend his stay into the evening hours to help us here in Omaha with some phonebanking. We asked him about his journey.


What made you decide to start this project?

I first decided to take a yearlong bike trip 20 days after [President Obama’s] inauguration. For me, it was incredible. The Affordable Care Act passed, which was incredible. Unfortunately, it was at that time when it felt as if no one had anything good to say, which terrified me about [President Obama] possibly not getting reelected. So I decided that biking and volunteering was my way of getting involved.

What made you decide to come to Congressional District 2?

Well my journey to Congressional District 2 began when I stopped in Oregon to have my appendix taken out. That meant three weeks of no bicycling. After that, I decided it would be best to take a bus from Oregon to Omaha. I didn’t remembered Omaha went blue in 2008. As I arrived, I decided to stay past morning hours since I encountered much of the excitement that helped to capture the electoral vote in 2008.

Where will you go next on your journey?

“I am very happy to work in battleground states. Tomorrow I will be going to Council Bluffs, then on to Des Moines, and then Madison. I want to spend two weeks in Iowa and two weeks in Wisconsin."

So have you gone to all of the 48 states yet?

“I probably will only be able to get to 38 of the states in total. I have already done 5,000 miles and will most likely end up doing 6,000 to 7,000 miles in total.”

Any final words?

“I would like to say there certainly is a way for everyone to get involved and stay motivated. I chose biking because it would be different and unique."

Make sure to check out Ellery's website to get more details about his journey so far:

To get involved like Ellery did today with phone banking, find an event near you.

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