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Young Americans are Fired Up

Yesterday an excited group of young supporters gathered at The Hive in Raleigh to talk about why they are supporting President Obama and to hear from comedian and actor, Aziz Ansari.


Students and young people from multiple schools and from all over North Carolina showed up for the event, and they were all excited to share why they support President Obama and why it is so important for young people to get involved.

Alex, a junior at North Carolina State University, talked about why she supports President Obama, and how that has inspired her to get involved:


“I think it’s very important for young people to register cause if we don’t vote we don’t have our voices heard—and that’s very important. We need to stand up for what we believe in and it’s very important for us to know what’s going on in the world around us cause we’re going to be the future leaders of America and we need to make sure that we have people in office that will look out for us and do the right thing.”

Andrew, a graduate student at Duke University, spoke about the passion and energy that young people have that makes them the perfect people to carry President Obama’s message:


“Young people have the time and energy to be involved. Young people are the ones who don’t have the money and who are not yet part of the special interest. It takes numbers to overcome dollars. And if you want to know where the numbers are, it is in the young people. We still have time, we still have energy. We can go to all those neighborhoods, we can knock on doors, we have time to make all those phone calls and we have the ability to reach out to our friends.”

After getting to know each other and talking about the best ways to organize their communities, Aziz Ansari spoke to the energized crowd about the importance of this election and why the participation from young people is so crucial:


“It’s so important that you guys are out here. North Carolina is a battleground state. It was 14,000 votes here. It couldn’t be more important to come out here, register to vote, get your friends to register to vote, volunteer, do whatever you can. It’s a clear choice—from the economy, to civil rights, to the environment—the choice is clear. Please do everything you can.”

Listen to Aziz and get involved in your community by signing up to volunteer.

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