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Women for Obama in Sandhills

On Saturday, an energized group of women gathered in Fayetteville to hear from actress Angela Bassett. These women got together to talk about why they support President Obama and how they are working in their community to help his reelection.


Vicki, a mom, says that she supports the President because the Affordable Care Act keeps her son on her insurance until he is 26:

“I’m a parent of a 23 year old and I’m very happy about the Affordable Care Act and the fact that I can keep my son on my insurance. I love that—it costs me virtually nothing and as a mother it makes me very happy.”


Sandra, a veteran from Fayetteville, has seen President Obama’s focus on women’s issues first hand in her community:

“The First Lady has come to Fayetteville to visit and show her support for our women’s shelter here. President Obama has shown his support for groups of people who in the past did not have a voice in the political process. He has made women a center focus, which hasn’t been done before. And if someone is doing that, I’m going to be in his corner.”


For Pam, the excitement in the crowd showed how much support President Obama has from North Carolina women:

“It’s wonderful to see this many women together for an event like this. It shows that we’re all united for the President. We’re going to work together, which is what we have to do to reelect President Obama. We are all dedicated to a President who is committed to helping us, and it couldn’t be more exciting.”

Women across North Carolina are going to be coming together for women-to-women phone banks on Tuesday night—make sure to join them in your neighborhood.

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