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Women for Obama: A packed house in Raleigh

On Monday, Deputy Campaign Managers Julianna Smoot and Stephanie Cutter visited North Carolina for a busy day of women for Obama events and meetings.  In the evening, the pair spoke at a special event in downtown Raleigh in front of a packed house of women supporters from across the state.

In her remarks, Cutter said that the choice for North Carolina Women this November was clear:

President Obama was raised by a single mother and is the father of two girls. He has always been a staunch advocate for women. He’s protected policies that promote fairness, equal opportunity, and a level playing field. Romney has a different vision. When asked what he would do on issues President Obama has fought for – and that have benefitted millions of women – Romney said he would ‘Look at what the President has done and do the opposite.’ That’s why we need you now more than ever before.

Women’s issues are America’s issues. Whether it’s the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the Affordable Care Act, or nominating two women to the Supreme Court, Cutter spoke passionately about the President’s record of standing up for North Carolina Women.

Smoot, a native North Carolinian, acknowledged that there was still a lot of work to be done in order to make sure President Obama wins a second term this November. By reaching out—woman-to-woman and engaging in conversations about the importance of President Obama’s achievements, Smoot said she believed that North Carolina women would lead President Obama to victory in November.

Cheryl B., a first-time voter from Raleigh, said that the event was her first of 2012.  A new citizen, she was energized by the speakers and eagerly signed up to volunteer.  Another attendee, Henrietta C. from Wake Forest, said that the event was uniquely empowering:

I found the discussion so inspiring. I’m ready to take the conversation outside the phone bank and get out to talk with women when I’m out in the community.  After this event, I feel like we can keep growing Women for Obama in North Carolina and make a real difference.

Stephanie Cutter and Julianna Smoot are right—we’ve made too much progress and have too much on the line to turn back the clock.

Stand with them by joining Women for Obama and sign up to volunteer with Cheryl and Henrietta!

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