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Why I’m There


My name is Ophelia Marcus-Taylor. I am a Neighborhood Team Leader in Raleigh.

When I look to President Obama, I see a leader who understands people like me. As the mother of two, and grandmother of eight, I know the President is looking out for my family. That is why I feel it’s so important to give him four more years.

I knew that North Carolina had an integral role in the 2008 election and would be important again in 2012.

But when I found out that the convention was going to be hosted in the Tar Heel State, I understood how much was at stake across North Carolina.

I’ve lived in North Carolina for over 25 years and I never expected to have the opportunity to see him accept the nomination in person and I’m grateful to know I now have an opportunity.

I am taking the 9-3-1 pledge because I want to be guaranteed a seat to witness history in Charlotte.

I’ve watched conventions on TV before, we’ve all seen the speeches and the balloon drops. But this movement has always been about more than that. It’s about Americans working together to make change happen. It’s about standing up for a fairer economy, restoring middle class security and making sure that hard work pays. And we can only make these things happen at the grassroots level.

We have the opportunity to spread President Obama’s message and build upon the groundwork that will make us successful in November.

If 2008 showed us anything; we learned how the power of people in the community can decide an election.

In order to win in 2012, we’re going to talk to our friends and neighbors about what President Obama has accomplished and how we can continue to make change happen. We’re going to have to recruit new volunteers, register new voters, knock on doors, make many phone calls—my favorite thing—and get people out to the polls in November.

There’s a lot of work to be done over the next few months—but I look forward to celebrating history with other volunteers in September.

Take the 9-3-1 Pledge and start working your way to Charlotte.

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