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Why I Vote: Keylin


Voting can be a family experience.

From a parent bringing their young child with them to the polls, to a grandparent telling their grandchildren about their first time voting, to a new voter sharing their excitement with their parents—voting is something that can connect us all.

For Keylin, our field organizer at University of North Carolina—Greensboro, voting is something that she was taught the importance of from a young age:

“When my dad became a citizen, one of the first things he did was vote for President Clinton. He’s always been voting since becoming a citizen—so growing up my dad would take us inside the voting booth because he wanted us to see what it was like to vote. That’s what I grew up with.”

The act of voting—especially the ability to vote for Barack Obama—is something that has brought Keylin and her family together:

“For the first time, my entire family is going to be able to vote—and vote for President Obama. My little brother just turned 18 and I wasn’t old enough to vote in 2008. All of us are going to be able to go out together and vote for President Obama. It’s a beautiful thing for our family, and we are all involved in making sure President Obama is reelected. For all of us to be able to vote together as a family, it’s just an amazing experience.”

This voting experience is extra special for Keylin, seeing as she has spent the past months working hard to make sure students at UNCG are fired up and ready to vote this fall:

“I’m working for the man I’m going to be voting for—how cool is that?”

Join Keylin in voting for President Obama this fall by making sure you are registered.

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