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Why I Vote: Isaac


Voting is a civic duty.

It’s a way to make your mark on the future of your town, of your state, and of your country.

For Isaac, a Neighborhood Team Leader in Hillsborough, voting has been important to him since his first vote at age 18:

“I’ve been voting since I was 18. To me, it was a rite of passage. It’s one of the great marks of citizenship. There are few times where we are asked to be a direct participant in the way our country is run—voting or being on a jury, and I’d rather vote.”

Isaac has begun to instill the importance of voting into his young children, and is in turn making memories that they will take to the polls with them in the future:

“In 2008, I brought my children with me. I picked my then 2-year-old son up and he was able to mark my ballot for me. It was just a special moment.”

Join Isaac and commit to vote for President Obama today.

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