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Why I Vote: Donovan


You hear it all the time: voting is a civic duty. It’s how to make your voice heard. It’s the foundation of our democracy. It’s how you can set the course for our nation.

All of that is true.

But, voting is also a personal moment, and for many, a personal victory.

Voting is something you learn about at a young age—but you never fully understand until you actually cast that first ballot.

For Donovan, a field organizer in Greensboro, the act of voting holds many memories:

“My elementary school growing up was always a polling location, and I was always curious when that Tuesday in November rolled around. My parents would pick me up from school on Election Day and they’d take me in the voting booth with them. I’d stick my little head over the table to try to see what they were marking and how they drew the arrows and just everything about the process.”

Donovan was able to make his own voting memories, and set his course for our nation, in 2008 when he cast his first vote—a vote for Barack Obama:

“2008 was my first time being able to vote. I was in college, I was a senior, and so many things were changing. I needed to vote for somebody that I felt could create a better life for me in the long run, and that’s what I did when I voted for Barack Obama”

The act of voting—especially casting a vote for Barack Obama—is something that will stay with Donovan forever:

“I felt relieved as I exited that voting booth. I got my “I voted!” sticker and I put it on the door of my apartment. I just relaxed and basked in that moment—I knew I had done my duty as a citizen of our country.”

Join Donovan and commit to vote for President Obama today.

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