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Why I Vote: Ciera


In a few short weeks, thousands of young people across North Carolina will be heading to the polls to cast their first vote.

This is a special, and memorable, moment in many people’s lives. It is the first opportunity to participate in the political process and truly make your voice heard.

For Ciera, a junior at North Carolina Central University in Durham, casting her first vote will be a truly important—and historic—moment:

“I can’t even describe the privilege of being able to vote. It’s a right that some people don’t even have around the world. How can you not vote when so many people before us fought incredibly hard for the privilege? Just the thought that I can go and exercise this right is an indescribable feeling.”

Casting this vote also carries extra importance for Ciera, because it will be a vote for Barack Obama:

“I just think President Obama is awesome. He’s an amazing individual and he has this power to connect with people, especially people my age. What President Obama has gone through is stuff I’m going through in my own life. When he went to college he had to rely on student loans, and I wouldn’t be here without Pell Grants. I can connect with the struggles he went through, and he can connect with mine.”

Join Ciera and commit to vote for President Obama today.

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