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Why Emilia Volunteers


Emilia B. is a regular sight on the streets of Raleigh. Armed with her lucky clipboards and homemade “Grandmas for Obama” button, Emilia spends her free time registering voters in all corners of the city.

Emi got the inspiration and knack for volunteering during the 2008 campaign:

“Hope and change—they were not just slogans for me. Hope meant something for me. For everyone I met in 2008, hope was a reality and change was what we needed. Because of this, I was determined to get involved. My choice was to register voters and canvass—anything that kept me outside. I don’t like being on the phones—I like to go out and talk to people.”

Beyond her enthusiasm for reelecting President Obama, what keeps Emi volunteering are the great people she meets:

“I meet great people and make a connection with them, which is what’s important. I make sure to always listen. I listen to a lot of peoples’ troubles, and receive a lot of hugs! When I bring in a supporter, I really feel a sense of pride and accomplishment—that’s what keeps me going.”

Emilia also had a message for those who might be sitting on the fence about getting involved:

“If you care about moving this country forward, you can’t just sit back. We need everybody we can. If you believe in keeping the President in the White House, you need to participate. If everyone who believes in him gets involved in some way, there’s no stopping that. This president made history in 2008—and he will make history again. He made history, but so did all of us who were part of it. From the people running the campaign to the organizers to those making calls and pounding the pavement, we were all part of it. We were a part of shaping history, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it this time around.”

Now is the time to get involved—join volunteers like Emilia in your neighborhood.

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