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Why Education Matters to Joel


When Joel from Chapel Hill decided to switch careers to pursue a career in education, he knew President Obama would have his back. Why? Joel has experienced first-hand the positive impact that President Obama’s education policies have had on North Carolina families.

“The President is so supportive of public education…he pushes for improvements. He has put emphasis on support for those with special needs, like our son Ari. With his support, the public school system here in Chapel Hill has followed through.”

While Joel is 20 years out of college, he also knows that President Obama’s commitment to keeping higher education accessible and affordable will be important for both his son and the future of North Carolina’s middle class.

“As our son gets closer to graduation, the changes in student loans become much more of a focus. As someone who had student loans when I first went to college 20 years ago, I completely admire and respect President Obama’s commitment to making higher education accessible and affordable for all students.”

Joel sees a stark difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney’s approach to education:

“President Obama has emphasized education in a way that is different from past presidents and from the current Republican candidate. He has brought a focus on different levels of education, from pre-K learning to secondary school to community colleges. He is focused on every single student, and is focused on providing equal opportunities in education across the country. It doesn’t matter where you live or how wealthy your school district is, President Obama believes in a fair shot for all students.”

Joel is a parent and educator for Obama, are you? Stand with Joel and the President today by volunteering in your community.


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