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We've Got His Back

This weekend volunteers are taking action in barbershops and beauty salons across North Carolina to register voters and start conversations about the work our President is doing in African American communities, and the future we are building together.

Come out and join us in your neighborhood this weekend.

President Obama has been fighting for jobs and economic security for African American families his entire life. He understands that African Americans have been hit hard by a decade of declining wages and rising unemployment, and is committed to pushing for projects and policies that support families in the middle class, and provide pathways to financial security and opportunities for success for families who have been hit hardest.

    President Obama has increased funding for both Historically Black Colleges and predominantly Black Institutions by $1 billion dollars collectively.

    Under the President’s leadership, African American-owned businesses have benefited from $3.4 billion in investments, including passing 18 tax cuts for small business that benefited up to 1.9 million African-American owned small businesses, and helped them keep their doors open, expand their businesses and hire more workers.

    The President passed historic legislation to help 7 million more African Americans obtain quality, affordable health insurance. Millions more now have access to preventative care helping 41 million African Americans detect and treat conditions including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

These are just some of the many ways that President Obama has supported the African American community, and part of the reason we here in the grassroots of North Carolina have his back!

This weekend, volunteers will be visiting their local barbershops, beauty salons, and local events to spread the word of how the President has our backs, and how we need to have his.

Do you have the President’s back? Sign up to volunteer.

Have his back

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