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West Charlotte is Fired Up


A standing-room only crowd was fired up for the opening of the new West Charlotte office on Saturday afternoon. Supporters came in from all over Charlotte to get involved and talk with their neighbors about President Obama’s accomplishments.

Ashlei Blue, a field organizer and the host of Saturday’s party, kicked off the day by leading the crowd in sharing what has them fired up.


“I’m fired up for President Obama because he helps everyone.”—Ashlei

“I’m fired up because in President Obama I see a future for our young people.”—Joseph

“I’m fired up because President Obama is the only choice. He is the right choice and the right person to be in that seat for another four years.”—Rashida

Political Director Jesse Moore talked to the group about how crucial North Carolina is and how important it is that people in Charlotte are getting involved:


“North Carolina is the most important state for the President’s reelection. We don’t have an inch to give up; we don’t have a minute to waste. The sense of urgency is burning in this room. We have to take this feeling and inject it into every block of this community. We don’t have an option to lose.”

The crowd then heard from a special guest (and West Charlotte local)—Mayor Anthony Foxx—who talked about why we need to have President Obama’s back in this election:


“I’ve seen this President in action. I’ve seen him fight to get our homeless veterans housed and to get our young people summer job opportunities. I’ve seen him fight for the health care for every single person in this country. I’ve seen him fight to get our economy stabilized, our manufacturing base growing again and our auto industry back on its feet. You know he has been working for you. We’ve got a lot of work to do to make sure people aren’t sleeping on this election.”

Field Director Greg Jackson then talked to the crowd about the important role that every single person has in ensuring President Obama’s reelection:


”The Romney campaign is going to pour all they can on our President to try to beat him. But, we’ve got a special secret weapon: you guys. With your work, we are changing the electorate and changing this state. We should hold a lot of pride in that.”

If you’re fired up like the folks in West Charlotte—get involved.

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