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“We are both working for others”


President Obama knows that teachers matter. He has said many times that he wouldn’t be where he is without being encouraged, challenged, and inspired by the teachers in his life.

This is why President Obama has made it a priority to make sure we keep good teachers on the job and outfit them with the best possible resources. During the economic downturn, President Obama fought to keep over 19,300 North Carolina teachers from being laid off during the 2009-10 school year.

Sylvia, a public school teacher from Wilmington, has seen President Obama’s commitment to education, and especially to teachers, in all aspects of his personality and his governing:

“I believe there is a parallel between being a teacher in a public school and being a public servant. We are both working for others. I’m not just trying to help the individuals who come to my class everyday; I want my school to be successful. I want my community to be successful. I have a broader vision of what my daily work can be.”

While President Obama continues to fight for teachers, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan support plans that would slash education spending—leading to larger class sizes and fewer teachers, all to fund tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

As Sylvia said, policies like these show that President Obama is committed to teachers and the middle class—while Mitt Romney is not:

“There is absolutely nothing in Mitt Romney’s policies that assure me that he is working for people like me.”

Stand with President Obama and his support for our nation’s teachers—signup to volunteer today.

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