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Upheld: Mary’s Story


We’ve been sharing stories from North Carolinians about what the Supreme Court’s recent health care decision means to them. Hear from Mary about how the decision to uphold Obamacare helps her health and her financial security:

"My name is Mary and I'm a Charlotte resident. For years, I've battled a heart problem that has required me to use a pacemaker. Before Obamacare, my insurance plan would cut my costs to a degree, but I never felt secure about my future.

Like most private health plans, there was a limit, or a “lifetime cap,” on how much my insurance company would cover during my life. Every time I had to go to a doctor or get a treatment, that limit kept inching closer. Sooner or later, I feared, I'd have to make the impossible choice between filing for bankruptcy and my own life.”

Thanks to Obamacare, it is now illegal for insurance companies to put a lifetime cap on the care that they provide, meaning that 3.1 million people in North Carolina no longer have to choose between their health and their financial security.

The decision to uphold Obamacare means that for millions of people, no matter what illness or accident might harm them, they still have the security of knowing their coverage will continue.

If Mitt Romney were to take office, he would repeal Obamacare on his very first day—leading to people like Mary having to choose between their health and their financial security.

Now is the time to stand with President Obama to ensure that a healthy and secure future continues for millions of people across North Carolina. Show your support for Obamacare today.

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