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The Ticket to Success


President Obama knows we can't have an economy that's built to last without first having world-class schools, teachers, and students. In North Carolina, we know this too. From strengthening our communities and creating new jobs, to ensuring a strong middle class for generations to come, North Carolinians understand that access to a high quality education can have a huge impact on our lives.

By fighting for issues like student affordability and programs like Race to the Top, President Obama has made education a top priority in his first term.

John Quinley, who teaches at a community college in Asheville, sees President Obama’s commitment to education everyday—especially in his promise to keep college costs low:

“Where I work, a lot of these kids can’t afford to go to school without Pell Grants. They are hard workers and brilliant students, but they don’t have the financial resources. Thanks to President Obama’s commitment to helping students, these kids can get an education—which is the ticket to success.”

The importance of hard work for a quality education has been instilled in President Obama since his childhood. He made it through college on student loans, just like the students that John Quinley teaches everyday. John sees how the President values hard work—which is why he thinks that President Obama is the only person in this election who can keep our education system, and our country, moving forward:

“If you grew up as Mitt Romney did, there are certain issues that are just not issues for you—things that you wouldn’t even think of stressing about, like how to pay for college or whether you will still be employed in a new school year. President Obama knows the issues that face everyday Americans, Mitt Romney doesn’t.”

This election is a choice between a candidate who would lay off teachers, pack more kids into fewer classrooms, and make college more expensive, and a president who is committed to out-educating the rest of the world and keeping our children’s teachers in the classroom.

If you stand by President Obama’s commitment to education, join John Quinley and join Educators for Obama.

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