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The Heart and Soul of Our Communities


We all have seniors in our life that we care about. Whether it’s a parent, a grandparent, or a neighbor, seniors are the heart and soul of strong communities across the country—and President Obama is committed to making sure they receive the very best.

While President Obama is fighting to make sure that our seniors enjoy a secure and healthy retirement, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan support ending Medicare as we know it—increasing seniors’ health care costs by $6,350 per year—and privatizing social security.

For many seniors, the future for their children and grandchildren is of main concern—and why many choose to support President Obama.

One such person is Pat, a senior from Asheville.

Back in 2008, Pat decided to organize her retirement community in support of Barack Obama. What started as a small group back in 2008 has grown to over 200 active members who are all working hard to reelect President Obama—and secure a strong future for their children and grandchildren.

Pat knows that President Obama is fighting everyday not only for her, but also for the world that her granddaughter will inherit:

“I have a granddaughter, Zoe. She’s 10 years old. I want her to grow up in a country that has fairness for everyone and I want her to have the same opportunities as everyone else. Her life will only be better if everybody else’s life is better. We’re all in this together—and President Obama recognizes that. He’s moving us forward now and for the future.”

Join Pat and stand with Obama-Biden today.

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