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"Thank you President Obama, for giving me my future back" - Mary S.

Mary S.My name is Mary and I'm a Charlotte resident. For years, I've battled a heart problem that has required me to use a pacemaker. Before Obamacare, my insurance plan would cut my costs to a degree, but I never felt secure about my future.

Like most private health plans, there was a limit, or a “lifetime cap,” on how much my insurance company would cover during my life. Every time I had to go to a doctor or get a  treatment, that limit kept inching closer. Sooner or later, I feared, I'd have to make the impossible choice between filing for bankruptcy and my own life. 

I'm so glad that President Obama has changed this for 3.1 million North Carolinians by making it illegal for insurance companies to put a lifetime cap on the amount of care they will cover. 

Under the new rules, if you get breast cancer, a serious disease, or you’re in a car accident, your treatments will continue. President Obama believes that reliable, high-quality, and affordable health care is at the heart of middle class security—and so do I. 

Thank you, President Obama, for giving me my future back.  

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