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Tar Heels for Obama


"The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create."—President Obama

President Obama is committed to creating a secure future for our young people to inherit. This can only be accomplished through strong education—which is why he has fought to make college more accessible and affordable for hundreds of thousands of students across the country. By doubling funding for Pell Grants, 250,000 North Carolina students have been able to achieve their dream of going to college.

Under a Romney-Ryan presidency, millions of students across the country would lose their access to affordable education. Romney-Ryan support a plan that would cut Pell Grant funding in order to pay for major tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

This choice couldn’t be clearer to North Carolina students—and why they have decided to get involved to reelect President Obama on their campuses:


“This election couldn’t be more important for me. I’m well aware that Mitt Romney plans to cut funding for Pell Grants if he’s elected, and that would take me out of school. I’m surviving off of Pell Grants.”—Shakeia, sophomore at University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

“It’s really important for students to be paying attention to what’s going on. For a lot of my friends, if Mitt Romney became president, they wouldn’t be here right now. They need Pell Grants to go to school.”—Anna, sophomore at University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

“Every single student, every single young person should be voting for President Obama. When you actually look at what’s going on—it’s obvious that President Obama is the only one fighting for us.”—Christine

Stand with Obama-Biden and their fight to make sure our young people have access to affordable and accessible education.

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