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Take the 9-3-1 Pledge & Get your seat to Charlotte


A few months back, the city of Charlotte was selected to be a part of history.

Want to come? Take the 9-3-1 pledge.

We are launching the 9-3-1 Program to ensure that all North Carolinians have the opportunity to be part of this great moment.

Here’s how it works:

  • Volunteer for a total of 9 hours
  • That's 3 completed shifts
  • For 1 chance to be a part of history and get your seat to watch the President’s acceptance speech in Charlotte

By volunteering—whether it’s canvassing, registering voters, making calls, or even attending team meetings—between now and August 18th, you can get your guaranteed credentials to watch the President's speech in Charlotte in September.

Every convention is a historical moment, but this one is especially important for North Carolina. As Mayor Anthony Foxx said today in Greensboro:

“The convention is more than just political pageantry and speeches it’s about Americans coming together, involving people across the country at the grassroots level and enlisting them to continue to work for change.”

The President’s speech will be a defining moment for this campaign and for North Carolina—you need to be there. Sign up now for the 9-3-1 pledge and start working your way to Charlotte.

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