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Stopping By To Say Thanks


A strong community is built on safety and security. The folks who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to keep us safe—including firefighters and first responders—deserve all the thanks they can get.

Sometimes you just have to stop by and thank people in person—even if you are in the middle of a busy day on the campaign trail. In town for a rally in Durham, Vice President Biden swung by the Hillsborough Fire Department to meet with firefighters and their families and offer a simple thanks.

Many of us owe a debt to firefighters and first responders because of personal reasons—and that includes Vice President Biden, who told the firefighters in Hillsborough that “I owe you guys. My family owes you.”


Vice President Biden knows the important role that first responders play in our communities. He and President Obama have worked hard since taking office to make sure that they have all the resources they need to protect our communities, and their own wellbeing.

This personal debt is why President Obama and Vice President Biden continue to fight for first responders—and why Mitt Romney’s call to “cut back” on jobs for police and firefighters is so troubling.

Mitt Romney has a history of not standing by first responders. As Governor of Massachusetts, he vetoed $2.5 million in funding for fire safety equipment and $1 million for fire education. As Vice President Biden has said, Mitt Romney’s treatment of some of our nation’s bravest says a lot about his style of governing:


“Actions like these aren’t just an attack on firefighters and police officers—they’re an attack on middle-class, working Americans who deserve better, and their families. It’s the interest of these Americans that the President and I are prepared to fight for every day.”

Show your support for the people who keep us safe everyday—stand with Obama-Biden and their fight for first responders.

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