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Promise Kept: The End of the War in Iraq

In January 2007, then Senator Obama announced his run for President of the United States. One of the fundamental platforms of his campaign was to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. When the President took office in January of 2009, there were 147,000 Americans stationed in Iraq. On Wednesday, the President will visit Fort Bragg to welcome our returning troops home.

"In Fayetteville we see the impact of the war.  We see the stress on the children.  My neighbor is always gone.  This war has taken its toll.  It's time for people to come home. I watched a woman put her baby in a stroller and then put her husband into a wheelchair.  He was a double amputee." said Val Applewhite who currently serves on the Fayetteville City Council. Councilwoman Applewhite is herself a veteran, having served for over twenty years in the Air Force.

"It is amazing what President Obama has done for military families." Beyond ending the war in Iraq and brining our troops home, the President has fought hard to ensure that veterans can find jobs when they come home – from proposing and signing into law new tax credits to encourage businesses to hire unemployed veterans and disabled veterans, to locking in pledges from America’s largest businesses to hire veterans and their spouses and reforming government to help veterans transition to the private sector.

"It is amazing what this President has done to help people who have TBIs or suffer from PTSD.  He supported the New GI Bill and focuses on the issue of homeless veterans.  He didn't just talk about it.  He delivered," said City Councilwoman Applewhite.

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