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North Carolina Educators for Obama


Last night supporters gathered in Wilmington for a phone bank as part of North Carolina Educators for Obama. Folks got together and called their neighbors to talk about President Obama’s accomplishments in education and how damaging Mitt Romney’s policies would be to the future of North Carolina education.

Maryann, a retired principal and teacher who currently volunteers during the week with disabled children at a Wilmington grade school, kicked off the event by talking about why she is so passionate about education. With over 40 years of experience in the school systems, Maryann said:

“It is our responsibility as a country to give anyone and everyone an education. That is why we are all here tonight; we’re fighting for the future of this country and this state. Education can be the gateway to making sure everyone has a fair shot and the opportunity to succeed."

Maryann also spoke about her passion for educators—and why she was so disheartened to hear about Mitt Romney’s plan to cut jobs for teachers:

“Regardless of where you sit politically, a teacher has helped you along the way. That is why I was so upset to hear Mitt Romney say a few weeks ago that we didn’t need to hire any more teachers. In what world can you ever have too many teachers? In what world can you ever have too many people willing to teach a child to read, count, spell, or think critically? I am supporting President Obama because he understands the important role that teachers and educators play in our society.”

Maryann also spoke to the group about the positive impacts that President Obama’s education policies have had in North Carolina—so that the volunteers could pass them along to their friends and neighbors:

“North Carolina was one of the early winners of Race to the Top and has received funding to implement new teacher standards and assessments, improve career pathways for educators, and turn around low-achieving schools. In a moment I’m particularly proud of, the President fought to keep educators in the classroom during the economic downturn, preventing over 19,000 North Carolina teachers from being laid off during the 2009-10 school year.”

Maryann is an Educator for Obama. Are you? Show your support.

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