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Meet Your Field Organizers

If you’ve gotten involved in this campaign, you’ve probably worked with a field organizer in your community. These folks all come from diverse backgrounds, different professions, and all have different reasons for why they support President Obama.

They all have one thing in common, though: They are all working hard everyday to reelect President Obama.

This week we welcomed our newest class of field organizers to Team New Blue. Meet a few of them below and find out why they are organizing for President Obama, then make sure to signup to volunteer and meet the organizers in your neighborhood.


“The reason why I’m giving my support and my time and my energy to reelect President Obama is because he cares about the youth. As a college student, I wasn’t able to attend school right away because my parents had to choose between sending me or my brother. Because of President Obama’s fight to make college more affordable, I was able to go to school the next year along with my brother. I work for President Obama because no parent should have to choose.”—Salena, organizing at North Carolina State University


“I’m organizing for President Obama because of people I’ve met through my mother. My mom works for a cancer support community, and I’ve met people who lost their insurance coverage when they were diagnosed, who reached lifetime caps because of how sick they were, or simply couldn’t afford it. Those people, and all Americans, deserve access to affordable health care—and President Obama is fighting for that, and I’m fighting for it too.”—Josh, organizing in South Charlotte


“I’m organizing for President Obama so my parents can be secure in their economic future.”—Liz, organizing in Gastonia

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