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Meet the New Field Organizers

Last week, Team New Blue welcomed a new class of Field Organizers. These organizers—who have already started getting to work in their new communities—bring with them a diversity of backgrounds and experiences to the North Carolina team.

While the group is diverse, they all share one goal: working as hard as they can to help reelect President Obama.

Meet a few of our new field organizers, and learn why they are organizing for the President:


“The most important measure of success in someone’s life is what they can do for other people and how they can improve other people’s lives. I was really empowered in 2008 because of Barack Obama…he initiated a call to action for young people and asked how we can empower ourselves and empower our communities. I took pride in what he asked us to do and I have taken that seriously and really tried to focus on how I can better this country and my community.” – Katie, organizing in Charlotte

Sean says that the President's emphasis on college affordability—and his little brother's future—is what inspires his work:


“I’m here because I have two little brothers who are about to go to college, and I just want them to have an affordable experience so they aren’t burdened with a mountain of student loan debt when they’re done.” – Sean, organizing in Winston-Salem


“North Carolina means the world to me and I know we have a lot at stake this time around. Being in education, I’ve worked with a lot of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Being in a position where I can support a candidate who cares about student loans and making sure college is affordable to everyone—how could I say no to something like that? I feel like I’m in the right place, at the right time, and I’m just trying to make the right moves so we keep the right man in office.” – Donovan, organizing in Greensboro

Join our new Field Organizers and sign-up to volunteer in your community.

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