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Meet our new Field Organizers (part 2)!

We want to introduce you to another group of our new OFA North Carolina Field Organizers. These leaders will be organizing communities across the state. Listen to their stories and why they joined the campaign. If you want to get involved in your community be sure to find your local field office and make a difference.

Morgan Waters, Field Organizer in Union County: I support the President because he’s bringing back the middle class.

Keturah Reed, Field Organizer in Durham: I work for the President because his message is inspiring and grounded in reality. I believe that everyone deserves equal opportunity, not only in the economy but also in education and all parts of American life.

Justin Vollmer, Field Organizer in Charlotte: I stand with President Obama because I believe in equal opportunity in education. It’s something everybody deserves access to. I’m also extremely proud of our President for keeping his promise and brining troops home from overseas. I think North Carolina, and all of America, is better now than we were four years ago. Let’s make it four more.

Jasmin Taylor, Field Organizer in Winston-Salem: I’m working for the campaign because I want to fight for my family. I  also support President Obama because he's shown a commitment to doing not what is politically advantageous, but what's morally courageous like bringing health insurance to millions and providing preventative services for women like me.

Anthony Stevens, Field Organizer in Rocky Mount: I support the President because his story connects to me. He understands what Americans go through. I’m so inspired by President Obama’s ability to bring people together through a common American set of values. He’s done so much for North Carolina already, and I’m looking forward to fighting for the President to bring lasting change to the country.


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