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Meet Nick and Latisha

Our new group of Field Organizers bring unique backgrounds to Team New Blue. While everyone shares the same goal of reelecting President Obama, our new Field Organizers all have different reasons for why they are in and why they are dedicating the next four months to organizing in their communities:

Latisha, who is organizing in Wilmington, is in because of President Obama’s focus on keeping college affordable:


“I come from a single mother with four kids. I wasn’t even sure if I could go to college, or if I would have to stay home and support my mother. I chose to go to school and I was lucky enough to enter college as President Obama was elected. Throughout my college experience, President Obama has impacted my life in so many ways. Because of the Affordable Care Act, I was able to stay on my mother’s insurance a little longer. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to continue going to college because of the financial responsibility, but he provided me with a greater availability of Pell Grants and student loans that allowed me to continue and graduate college. Organizing for him here in North Carolina is my way to give back for all he has given me.”

Nick, a new organizer in Charlotte, told us that he is working to reelect President Obama in order to keep this country moving forward:


“I’m organizing for all those individuals that can’t afford health care and need the President to have their back. I'm organizing so Barack Obama can be the voice for those individuals who can’t afford a college education. I'm organizing because we need a President who can ensure that we have a strong and vibrant middle class moving forward.”

Join our new Field Organizers and sign-up to volunteer in your neighborhood.

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