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Joe Biden Called My Mom

“Last week, Vice President Joe Biden called my mom on the phone,” said volunteer Mary Hardvall. “She was so excited.”

Vice President Biden held a special event at the Museum of the New Southin Charlotte last Thursday for supporters and volunteers. Among those volunteers was Mary, a Polk County resident and all-around super volunteer. Mary— along with her friends Pat, Kitty, John, and Jean — all made the trip just to see Vice President Biden.

 “His love and appreciation for all of the volunteers made me so proud to work for this team,” said Mary.

 As active members of the campaign in Polk County, Mary and her friends wanted to show their support for the administration by attending the event with the Vice President. But it was the unexpected chance to meet Vice President Biden following his remarks that Mary —and her family —will never forget.

 “He was so personal. I told him my Mom in Pennsylvania loved him and the President. I also told him that she turns 90 this year. He asked for her name and number and called her. She missed the call, but the Vice President left a message. My mom was so excited and it made my whole family feel so good. We’re going to play the message at Mom’s party in a few weeks.”


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