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It Takes One in Greensboro


First Lady Michelle Obama pumped up a crowd of supporters in Greensboro, North Carolina, yesterday, where she talked about It Takes One—a campaign effort to encourage people to bring one new person on board. Here’s what a few audience members thought of the speech:

“It was spectacular. She very much motivated me to go out and vote. I really like the It Takes One program. I think if everyone invites someone to vote who has never registered or never voted before, we can win this election." —Deborah

Stephanie“It's a wonderful program. It motivates people. I feel like a lot of times campaigns feel too big and I can't possibly make a difference, but she's laid out a plan with small things that anyone can do. It feels attainable. It feels like I can make a difference. I'm a little introverted, so going out and canvassing feels intimidating to me. But reaching out to one person feels absolutely doable. There's no reason I can't do that, then do it again tomorrow. ”

Katredia“The It Takes One program is awesome, and it's really what we need to do. You never know who you might bring in—and that one person can make a difference.”

“It's a great idea. If everyone brings someone, just think of how that will add up. I'm absolutely going to reach out to my one person today.” —Johnnie

Find a volunteer event near you—and think of one new person to bring along.

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