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I’m There: Phyllis & Mildred


The past few days have seen thousands of volunteers, supporters, and excited folks wait in long lines just for their chance to see President Obama’s historic speech in Charlotte.

Everyone has their own reasons for why they will be making the trip to Charlotte. For many, the opportunity to be part of history is what’s bringing them there. Others want to show President Obama that they have his back.

For Phyllis and Mildred from Winston-Salem, not only do they want to show their support for the President, they also are going to be there to show their support for their home state.

Phyllis and Mildred are longtime volunteers and we’re able to get their guaranteed credentials through the 9-3-1 program, which they took advantage of right away:

“We both got our hours in right away. It is absolutely awesome that we get to be there. I still can’t believe it. We won’t get this chance again. We’re just fired up and ready to go!”

Phyllis, a lifelong North Carolinian, knows how important this convention is for the state that she loves:

“For North Carolina, the Convention is a great way to help keep our great state blue. We have to bring people together and work twice as hard to make sure North Carolina supports President Obama again—and the Convention is going to be a great place to start. We need to get this done because we don’t get a second chance. This is my home state and I am so committed to making sure that we stay blue.”

Follow along with all the excitement as we prepare for a great convention in Charlotte.

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