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I’m There: Erica & Charlotte


When President Obama takes the stage in one week, families across the country will turn to their televisions and watch this historic speech together.

Erica and her daughter Charlotte will be watching the speech together—from inside Panther Stadium.

Graduates of the 9-3-1 program, Erica and Charlotte have been volunteering with the campaign as a way to spend time together, and work to reelect the President that they both believe in:

“Barack Obama’s presidency is the first one I’ve ever been really passionate about. It’s great to volunteer not only with my friends, or with strangers, but also my family.”—Charlotte

“I’m just so proud of her. I’m so proud that she feels this personal responsibility to get involved and volunteer for this President. We need someone in office who cares about her future and truly cares about the middle class. I believe that President Obama truly understands the issues more than any President I’ve seen.”—Erica

Erica and Charlotte know that they will be part of history in Charlotte—and how special it is that they will be there together:

“Just hearing his 2004 Convention speech, it was one of the best moments of my life. To hear that and know that there is somebody who would lead us who felt the way I feel, that’s something truly special. And now I get to see him accept the nomination in person and with my daughter by my side? I still can’t believe it.”

We only have one week to go. Follow all the excitement as we prepare for a great Convention in Charlotte.

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