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I'm There: Beverly & Jen


Across North Carolina, hundreds of neighborhood teams are working hard to register voters, make phone calls, and canvass their communities all with the goal of keeping North Carolina blue and reelecting President Obama.

It’s a hard job, and these volunteers will be working day in and day out to make sure that President Obama is in office for four more years.

But on September 6th, as a thank you for their hard work and dedication, these neighborhood team members will be in Charlotte to be part of history.

Seeing President Obama accept the nomination is a great thank you for their commitment to the campaign—and a reminder about why they are working so hard.

Beverly and Jen, a Neighborhood Team Leader and Voter Registration Captain for a Garner neighborhood team, both have personal reasons for volunteering—and for why they are going to be there in Charlotte next week:

“My belief in President Obama and his integrity is what’s driving me to be there.”—Beverly, Neighborhood Team Leader

“I’m there for my parents, who will definitely benefit from his reelection or suffer terribly from a Romney presidency. I’m also there for my children, and the secure future they will have thanks to President Obama. It’s a real personal responsibility.”—Jen, Voter Registration Captain

Follow along with all the excitement as we prepare to be part of history in Charlotte.

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