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"I still believe in hope and change"


We caught up with Ricky and Kevin, brothers who are out canvassing together in Charlotte to make sure everyone gets out and votes for President Obama today. Between door knocks, we asked them a few questions about why they are working so hard to reelect President Obama. Check out what they had to say:

"I still believe in hope and change. I believe in Obamacare. I believe in equal pay. I believe in education. I believe in the auto industry. I believe in the power of President Obama. With everything he has had to face, he has done a magnificent job. Intelligence, intellect, and character—that's why I'm out here."—Ricky


"I believe in the right person who is doing the right job right now. If we all work together, we can make a better America. Not just for one, not just for Republican or Democrat, but for all Americans. That's what I believe."—Kevin

Join Kevin and Ricky and do all that you can to reelect President Obama in these final hours.

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