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“He just seems to grasp what women are facing.”

Last Tuesday night in a living room in Chapel Hill, a group of women got together to talk about why they support President Obama and reach out to other women to share his accomplishments for women.


These women, who are mothers, grandmothers, teachers, and active members of their community, all have different reasons for supporting President Obama, but agree on one thing—there is a lot at stake for women this fall, and now is the time to get involved.


Mary, an active member of Women for Obama in Chapel Hill, spoke about how President Obama’s fight for equal pay for women has inspired her:

“By putting women’s issues front and center, President Obama is showing women that he has their back. Many women are so busy that they might not even realize what he has done for them. They might’ve heard the name Lilly Ledbetter, but until they’ve read about her and learned how the first bill President Obama signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, it really resonates as to how important and powerful that is for women.”


For Polly, a grandmother from Chapel Hill, the struggles her daughter has faced in not receiving equal pay has driven her to get involved:

“I have a daughter who is trying to do it all. She has a PhD, loves her job, but also has a small child—and I know how she is pulled in all directions. So many women have so many demands and they do not get remunerated at the same level as men, but President Obama is helping address those wrongs.”

For Barbara, the mother of a recent college graduate, the fact that her daughter can stay on her insurance until she’s 26 is why she has the President’s back:

“I have a 24 year old, so I’m thrilled that with the Affordable Care Act we are still able to provide for her. It gives me a peace of mind, as a mother, to know that thanks to President Obama she was not kicked off of our insurance when she graduated college.”

These women all support President Obama for his focus on women’s issues. Do you? Join Women for Obama.

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