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Get the facts on President Obama’s education plan in North Carolina

Education infographic

Education has been a top priority for President Obama since taking office. The need for a good education system is simple: in order to be competitive in the global economy, America must out-educate the rest of the world.

The President has taken many steps to ensure that all Americans can achieve the best possible education. Mitt Romney supports a budget plan that would put the education and economic future of millions of students in jeopardy.

The choice is clear: President Obama’s policies have improved education for North Carolinians, while Mitt Romney's would take us backwards. Here's why:

    North Carolina was one of the early winners of the Obama Administration’s Race to the Top program, receiving $400 million to apply new teacher standards, improve the career paths for local educators, and turn around under-performing schools. In his first year as Governor, Mitt Romney had the second deepest education cuts in the country, slashing millions in funding for K-12 education.

    President Obama doubled funding for Pell Grants, making college more accessible and affordable for more than 250,000 North Carolina students. Mitt Romney supports a budget plan that would cut Pell Grants by up to 25%, reducing the average grant for North Carolina students by $830.

    Thanks to the Recovery Act, over 19,300 North Carolina teachers kept their jobs during the 2009-10 school year. Under a Romney administration, education would be cut by as much as 20% at the federal level—having a huge negative impact on class sizes and teachers.

President Obama understands the importance of a quality education and continues to work hard to make that accessible for all. Share a story about how the President’s education policies have helped you.

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