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Fired Up for the First Lady

Some people start their Monday mornings with coffee and the morning paper. Some start it with a run through the neighborhood. For hundreds of excited supporters in Durham, they started their Monday morning waiting in line for tickets to see First Lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday.

Check out why some supporters were in line as early as 5:00 AM for this great opportunity:


“She did such a fantastic job at the Convention. Her speech was so touching and you can tell how passionate she is about this country and about the work her husband is doing.”—Joyce and Tracy, Apex


“I’ve been volunteering with the campaign for a few months now, and I was a Summer Fellow, so I’m just really excited to get to see the First Lady, who has inspired the work I’ve been doing. Her speech at the DNC was just so inspiring. Not only is she a great First Lady, but she’s a fantastic role model.”—Brittany, Chapel Hill


“She’s smart and she’s poised. I just love her personality. She’s capable and she’s intelligent. She has all the characteristics you want in a First Lady.”—Kathy, Roxboro

“She’s a down-to-earth person. She treats everybody like they’re somebody. She just cares about everyone. I can’t say that enough.”—Joyce, Roxboro

“It couldn’t be more exciting that she’s coming here to Durham. We all know that North Carolina is going to play a big role in this campaign, and the fact that she’s coming to Durham just shows how valued we are.”—Ollie, Roxboro

If the First Lady has you fired up, commit to vote for President Obama today.

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