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Eli and Shelby: High School Students for Obama


For many, the political process starts when they are old enough to cast their first vote.

For Eli and Shelby, two high school seniors in Charlotte, they have already gotten involved in the political process—despite the fact that they will not be old enough to vote in this election.

Why are Eli and Shelby working to reelect President Obama? Because this election is about their future—and they can’t afford to sit on the sidelines:

“Just because we aren’t 18 doesn’t mean this election doesn’t affect us. We are at the age where we should be thinking about what we believe in and what we stand for, and supporting a president who will help us.”—Eli

“Even though we can’t vote in this election, it’s still so important that we get involved. Our voice and our opinions still matter—this election is about our future. This is why we are out volunteering to reelect President Obama.”—Shelby

Eli and Shelby are supporting President Obama because he is the candidate who is fighting for their future:

“We’ll be going to college soon—so whoever is in office will have a direct impact on whether or not we can afford to go to the schools we want. President Obama is the one that is fighting for our future., so we are out fighting for him.”—Eli

Join Eli and Shelby and show your support for President Obama by signing up to volunteer.

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