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Duke is Ready to Vote Early


Sunny, a junior at Duke, has recently started organizing her campus to reelect President Obama. Why? Because she knows she can’t afford to sit on the sidelines in this election:

“Mitt Romney doesn’t want my vote—I’m a young woman who believes that I should be able to make my own health choices, that I should be paid as much as a man, and that all Americans should have health care. He’s just so many steps backwards for America, and we can’t have that. President Obama cares about all of us—especially students.”

Sunny wasn’t old enough to vote in 2008—but she is now, and she’ll be voting early:

“Early voting has a huge impact for college students. It’s so convenient. Having a polling place on campus means that we don’t have to find rides to the polls or anything like that, you can go whenever you don’t have class!”

“A lot of Duke students support President Obama, and Duke is ready to vote early. Duke is going to be a fun place to be leading up to the election.”

Duke students will be out voting on October 18th. Will you? Commit to vote now.

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