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Doing Work We Value


When I imagine America in its greatest form, I envision a place where opportunities flourish, expectations are met and upheld, and ideas have the capacity to become realities. The basis of this wonderful idealistic place is education, an aspect of our national community that has long been overlooked.

As a teacher, I strive to empower my students to dream big but accomplish the tangible necessities to make those dreams come alive. I want my kids, who live in a highly impoverished rural region, to receive the same opportunities to achieve that I had. I want them to be able to compete with their national peers and contribute to society by paving their way to state capitol buildings, to government positions, to philanthropic organizations.

Before President Obama, my kids were failing in a system that allowed for, even encouraged, low standards. Since he took office in 2009, he has amended previous education standards and implemented new systems that require all states to meet national expectations. My kids, who were previously at a great disadvantage simply because of where they are from, can now graduate and complete nationally to enter some of the best schools in the country and be proud of their education when they apply for jobs. I want a President that sees the urgency of education in this country, and I believe Barack Obama is that President.

Because I believe in this work, I am serving as an Organizing Fellow this summer. Everyday, I have the pleasure of registering voters who have never before been registered, re-registering people who have moved and had no idea they needed to update their records, recruiting volunteers from within my community, and even talking with people who are unsure of their political stance but appreciate a little guidance and time from people who are. I get to walk into work on a daily basis and see a Field Organizer who is truly grateful for any work that I can accomplish because he knows I want this as badly as he does. I get to compete with my husband to see who can get the most voter registrations or phone calls or contacts, and know that no matter who wins the competition, we are both doing work we value because it's for a man that we value.

As we get closer to November, we need as many dedicated people as we can who believe in the goal of reelecting President Obama. Apply to be a Fall Organizing Fellow in North Carolina and be part of history.

Apply for an Organizing Fellowship in North Carolina

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