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Ashley Judd Shares Her Story


Everyone has a reason for supporting President Obama. Whether it’s because you're from a middle class family who received tax cuts or if you are a working woman whose rights were protected through the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, there are so many personal stories about why North Carolinians are helping out to make sure Barack Obama gets reelected in 2012.

Film and theater star Ashley Judd is no different. Sunday, the actress shared the story of how she became politically involved with a full auditorium of Women for Obama at the Women Vote 2012 summit in Charlotte. Ashley's story began at the University of Kentucky where she became active in a number of student groups.


In 2007 she hit the campaign trail for President Obama because he stood for the same values she did. In 2008, she attended the Democratic National Convention and watched the President deliver his acceptance speech, an opportunity she called life changing.

In her remarks, Ashley talked about making the President's accomplishments real for those women still on the sidelines in this election. She urged the crowd to tell their "sisters" about how the President's work has had a real impact in their lives:

“Going from the head to the heart are the toughest 18 inches to travel. That which comes from the head goes over the head, what comes from the heart goes right to the heart.”


Sharing your personal story is a great way to spread the message of President Obama’s accomplishments—and it can also serve as a way to get your seat at the Convention in Charlotte. Going out and sharing your story, whether it’s while registering voters or making calls at a local field office, can put you on your way to fulfilling the 9-3-1 pledge and getting your seat to witness history in September. Make sure to sign up for a volunteer shift in your neighborhood and start working your way to Charlotte.

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