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A Thank You from the First Lady


President Obama says it all the time: our organizers and volunteers play a critical part in making sure our country keeps moving forward.

For our field team, preserving progress is a full-time job. For volunteers it’s about doing whatever you can whenever you can—filing that shift after work or in the hours between the soccer game and the family picnic.

This quiet, critical work is happening everyday. It's happening from Asheville to Wilmington. It's happening because of the faith, dedication, and hard work of regular people who want a President that cares about the middle class and the future of our country.

If it keeps happening, it’s why we’re going to win.

First Lady Michelle Obama understands this. That’s why she thought it was so important to visit to the Raleigh field office during an already hectic day of campaign events.


After finishing a rally in Greensboro, the First Lady stopped by the office to tell the organizers and volunteers thank you for everything they’re doing for the President and the country.

The visit was unannounced and the Raleigh team was stunned when she came through the door. Leah Cowan, the Regional Field Director for Raleigh, said:

“That was my favorite part, even more than being hugged by the First Lady—who is the best hugger in the world. Their smiles and looks of surprise were inspiring. It's something I’ll keep with me through November. They're going to keep it too. I loved being able to tell them that she was there to thank them for their work.”


Alex, a Field Organizer in Cary, agreed. He thought the visit made a positive impact on the Raleigh team that would serve them well in the months ahead:

“Our volunteers are everything to this movement. They are the reason we’re going to wake up on November 7th to four more years of President Obama. We have passion on our side and the First Lady knows how important that passion is for our movement. That’s why she came to say thanks. We were tremendously grateful to have her do that.”

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