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A Special Message from Angela Bassett


Angela Bassett was in Fayetteville yesterday to fire up an excited group of Women for Obama supporters. Check out a special message she sent to women in North Carolina:


Yesterday, I had the privilege of joining an incredible group of women in Fayetteville. We had a great talk about what’s at stake for us in this election, and what we can all do to spread the word about President Obama’s accomplishments.

I was so inspired by the ladies I met that I wanted to send a quick note and encourage you to keep up the great work in North Carolina.

Volunteers will be making woman-to-woman phone calls all over the state on Tuesday. I’m really hoping you’ll be able to make it out.

Join the Women for Obama phone bank near you.

All it takes to make a difference in this election is a simple willingness to step up and talk to other women about how President Obama is taking us forward. We simply can’t afford a Romney presidency that would move us down a backward path.

If the rest of you around North Carolina have half the energy and enthusiasm that I saw in Fayetteville yesterday, I know we’ll be in great shape to help the President carry your state again this fall.

I hope you can step up and make some phone calls on Tuesday.

Keep up the great work.


Find a woman-to-woman phone bank in your area and get involved.

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