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A Mother-Daughter Team in Charlotte


There are many ways that someone can be inspired to get involved. Whether it’s a call from a local field organizer or a friend bringing you along to a phone bank, getting involved is the first step in reelecting President Obama.

For Martha from Charlotte, the opportunity to attend the recent Women Vote 2012 summit was the perfect time to get involved—and also to bring her mom along with her.

Since the Women’s summit two weeks ago, Martha has brought her mom with her to phone banks and voter registration events around Charlotte. By bringing her mom along, Martha has doubled the impact she is making in her community:

“If one person gets involved, you’re looking at the possibility of even more people getting involved. I’ve told some of my friends that I’ve gotten involved, and they immediately ask how they can volunteer as well. If you tell one person, they will tell other people—and you can spread the word and get everyone in. It just takes one person telling another person.”

The mother-daughter bonding will continue for Martha and Irene into September. They are both on their way to fulfilling the 9-3-1 pledge, and will be together in Charlotte to see President Obama deliver his acceptance speech.

Martha and Irene’s hard work won’t stop on September 6th. Irene knows that it only takes one person to make a difference, which is why she is excited to get as many of her friends and family involved as she can:

“When you get involved, you can talk to someone who might not have thought about volunteering, and you can be the one to change their mind. It’s the everyday people who need to get involved. They are the ones who make a difference.”

How are you going to make a difference between now and November 6th? Start by signing up to volunteer—and make sure to bring a friend with you.

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