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A Family Affair in Hillsborough


It’s hard not to smile when you walk into our new Hillsborough field office.

After being greeted by bright orange walls, you take a look around and can see that this office was put together by a family. From the lemonade stand upfront, to the handprint wall, to the Kids for Obama office in the back, it’s easy to spot the young influences.


This great office is the work of Corly, a local volunteer, her husband Nick, an artist, and their four children:

“The Hillsborough office started in Isaac’s, a neighborhood team leader, car, then it moved to my house, then we got the great news that we were getting our own office. I have four kids, and they have done everything to get this office ready—from painting walls to cleaning to making their own Kids for Obama office.”

While Corly’s kids are great help around the office, they are also starting to learn and see how this election impacts their future:

“My kids are the reason I’m so involved—this is for their future. This election is huge for my 9 and 7 year old. They can understand what’s going on. They know about President Obama and they know that they are helping to keep him in office. They just get it.”


There’s a lot of work to be done in the next 54 days, but Corly and her family are ready to make sure Hillsborough helps keep North Carolina blue:

“It’s incredible to have this office here. When people walk in to this office, you can just feel their excitement and positive energy—we are ready to win.”

Find a field office in your neighborhood and get involved today.

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