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National Day of Action: A People-Powered Movement

Shreveport Day of Action @County Market (Del)

Rainy July mornings in the South are typically conducive to slow, late-to-wake mornings for the average person. But this particular Saturday morning was—for many volunteers, team leaders and summer organizers—an early-rise and early-to-organize kind of day, in which more than a dozen National Day of Action events were being held state-wide.

All week, Team Louisiana has been preparing for its National Day of Action events. Del B., a team leader based in Shreveport, had a greater volunteer turnout than she had anticipated.

Fortunately, it was a really nice morning in Shreveport. I was expecting a handful of volunteers for today’s event, but thirteen volunteers (my team members and some new faces) showed up to my Day of Action at the local grocery store. Luckily, we had our hands full with all the really upbeat and positive shoppers who were excited about registering to vote and/or signing up to say “I’m In” for the campaign.

In some other areas of Louisiana, organizers were, unfortunately, not gifted with good weather. In many areas, in fact, it was raining cats and dogs. Regardless, no amount of rain could douse these fired-up-and-ready-to-go volunteers.

Diana H., a regional lead based in Lake Charles, decided the show must go on when it started pouring as she left her home at 6:30 am.

At 7 am, I had two volunteers there and we couldn’t set up a table because there was not a dry spot available. We didn’t let the weather put a damper on our spirits though, so we stood there and duked it out. After a few hours we collected more than 100 “I’m In” cards and a respectable number of voter registrations.

Thanks to all the volunteers, neighborhood team leaders, and regional leads who have made this the most successful National Day of Action yet. These teams, made of everyday people from all walks of life, registered members of their communities to vote and sign up to be “In” for 2012. With every door knock, phone call, and conversation, we show that this 2012 campaign is a people-powered movement.

Are you “In”? Get “In” and become part of the campaign.

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