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Nashua Volunteers are IN

Obama campaign volunteers and members of the Nashua City Democratic Committee phone banked in Nashua this past Wednesday to reach out to supporters and to get them ready to go for the 2012. Volunteers called supporters to ask, “Are you in?” and they got some great responses!


The dedicated team made almost two hundred phone calls to Nashua residents and are thrilled to report that people are excited and are “in” for 2012. “Everyone is reacting so positively,” said Paul H., who joined the phonebanking efforts. “It seems people are excited about the president running again, and many people are happy to know we are starting early for the 2012 election. “ David V., a Nashua volunteer and member of the Nashua Dems, shared the sentiments, saying, “I’m in because he’s the man for the job. I don’t have any illusions that he’s a superman. He’s a politician and a smart one. He’s done a fantastic job so far, and we need him for the next six years. He’s closer to being one of us than I ever thought a president would be. I mean, he JUST finished paying off his student loans!”


The Nashua callers expressed their enthusiasm about the campaign to the volunteers and encouraged them to support President Obama and get involved at the local level. In addition to laying the foundation for the grassroots campaign for the next 18 months, the callers had fun. “I just spoke with a wonderful woman from Nashua who is definitely going to support Obama, and she’ll be attending our next meeting. I can’t wait to meet her and talk about our shared love of England and the Beatles,” said Monica D., a Nashua Democrat and Obama supporter. “Who knew you could make friends while phone banking?” she exclaimed.

There are a lot of things going on in the Nashua area for 2012 supporters. To get involved in Nashua and across the state, email us at [email protected]

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