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Nashua Supporters Share Their Enthusiasm At Another GPS


Nashua GPS attendees are all in!

The Nashua team had a great grassroots planning session this past Sunday at High Dimensions Spa, a salon owned by volunteer Rosemary T. Twenty-three people showed up to talk about we could be as effective as possible in the Nashua community and share their hopes and suggestions for 2012.


Volunteers talk about what the next steps for the Nashua area should be

The conversation was really positive and we had some great suggestions from people. Steven G. said he “wants to be able to point to where [Republicans] are wrong” and counter their claims against Democrats by highlighting our accomplishments. We also got some names of other businesses and organizations that might be interested in being a part of our conversation in Nashua.


SO Sarah talks about the campaign

Everyone seemed really enthusiastic throughout the meeting and ready to help Obama 2012. We signed people up for phone banks and got a few offers for some house parties that will focus on topics like immigration reform and education. It looks like we have a lot of people who are excited to get involved here in Nashua and, overall, it was a great first GPS for the Nashua community! Check out our events page and see when you can get involved!

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