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Nadezha to Mitt Romney: First responders and teachers are essential

Nadezha from California responds to Mitt Romney's proposed job cuts for firefighters, police officers, and teachers:

"I wish to take this opportunity to share with you the magnificent job firefighters have done and continue to do. My car last Thursday caught on fire with no warning. The fire department were at the scene in three minutes: they put out the fire immediately and were able to keep me calm and I was very lucky to not have been injured in any way due to their speed and professionalism.

"The firefighters and police do an exemplary job all over the country, and where we live in Los Angeles, they are invaluable. Please do not think about cutting jobs for teachers, police officers, or firefighters—they are essential to every part of our growing country."

Visit for more reasons we can't afford to cut back on teachers or first responders.

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