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#my2k: Small business owners

Small business owners for Obama

Unless Congress acts, 97% of small businesses will pay $2,000 more in taxes next year. Here, a few small business owners share why they're standing with President Obama:

“$2,000 could get a much-needed computer for our small business. It could subsidize the expenditures for gas as we travel to meet with clients and prospective new clients. It could mean that many of our out-of-pocket prescription drugs could be paid for. I look at our budgets—as a small business and as a family, in this recovering but still-fragile economy—and I don't really know how we will cut enough expenditures to make up for the $2,000 if the tax cuts are not extended for the middle class.”
—Judy, Washington

“As a microbusiness owner, $2,000 is a huge portion of my budget. That's another opportunity to promote my handmade cookies at a trade show where I can gain more customers, which will in turn allows me to hire staff.”
—Robyn, Texas

“I am a 53-year-old woman. This past year, my brother and I opened a small business in my hometown. It has been my lifelong dream, and I am working a full-time job to continue to support this business as it hopefully grows into somewhere we can be employed and work together and pass it on to his children and grandchildren. Currently, every extra penny is necessary to keep this young enterprise afloat. $2,000 could mean the difference between being able to survive in that business or not, being able to hire an extra part-time employee if necessary, or being able to invest in surveillance cameras for the safety of our cashiers and front-desk employees.”
—Roni, Illinois

“If my husband and I—small business owners who employ 15 full- and part-time staff, including ourselves—find ourselves fortunate enough to be earning over $250,000 someday, we would gladly pay additional taxes on any amount over $250K! We consider ourselves fortunate now, and wouldn't have our business if we did not live in this wonderful, if not always perfect, country of ours.”
—Madeleine, Texas

“As a politically independent small business owner, $2,000 is enough money for my family and the families of most of the people who work for me to cover household expenses for a month. That can be the difference between being in the red or in the black for the year.”
—Craig, South Carolina

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